I reckon if more people understood this there would be a lot less victim blaming when it comes to rape.

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  • shrek one: BEST
  • shrek two: the funniest movie i have ever seen. literally one of the funniest comedies of all time. incredible pacing and dialogue. reference jokes that were actually funny. surreal world that was so modern fantasy it actually worked. rocking score. awesome scene set to "i need a hero" being sung by the villain unironically and completely played straight. a bar of villains. just overall the best concepts ever.
  • shrek three: bad
  • shrek four: bad


I was just introduced to this incredible Twitter account

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Lifestyle of the gods

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I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

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Otomo Katsuhiro’s AKIRA.

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Watch the trailer for M.I.A.’s controversial unreleased documentary before it’s pulled from the internet again. Reblog the shit out of this.

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